How to increase SEO visits on your online store?

How to increase SEO visits on your online sto @DAKXIM México

How to increase SEO visits on your online store?


How to increase SEO visits on your online store? This is a question everyone has and within the following words I will introduce you to a couple of strategies I have applied in this site.

Hi, this is Rodrigo Fernández, I am the webmaster of this website and the one in charge of its SEO since a couple of years ago.

Hopefully, what I am going to share with you will help your store get more visits (How to increase SEO visits on your online store?) Nonetheless you must take in consideration that perhaps not all of the strategies in here are appliable to your store: for an instance this store ships products to all of Mexico and the first on site strategy is mainly about that.

So let´s get to it… But before we go ahead I must mention that this is a WordPress related article. This website you are visiting is powered by WordPress and WooCommerce.




I won´t cover many details on the ON SITE SEO basics here since that would take a lot of space in this post and I really believe there are thousands of articles for that on the internet, I will leave you with this great article for that matter:

Some of the basics I would really recommend you to apply on your online store are the following ones:

  1. Divide products by category.
  2. Use Tags… I don´t really use many of them, but at least there is one for each one of the products here.
  3. Have related products on each product, this website has 6 related products.
  4. Use a really good hosting, we are using WpEngine for this website and its loading time is amazing not to mention that their customer service is really good.
  5. Try to use a theme that is made for online stores, something clean and SEO friendly. We are currently using Divi for this website but Divi is not really fast (loading time).
    1. I would recommend you to look for themes that load fast and have already integrated the store on it.I have worked another stores´ SEO and I can recommend the ShopKeeper Theme from ThemeForest … that shit loads really fast.
  6. Integrate the RankMath plugin for SEO.
  7. Make sure your menus are allowing your visits to get to any part of your site and store, this is obvius I know but is just a reminder.
  8. Also, make sure there is a social sharer on you site, we use the plugin Sassy Social Share for that.


How to increase SEO visits on your online store?


On Site SEO – Treat your store as if it was Wikipedia


I say this last line to each one of my SEO customers when it comes to all of the On Site SEO changes I make on their websites, you need to treat your store or site as if it was Wikipedia, but what do I mean by that?

As you have noticed there are hundreds of inner links on each article on Wikipedia, that is what I try to recreate within this website, you need to be creative and play around with the information present on your website´s store and inner pages or posts.


Example #1 – Delivery Regions

Bombas a Diesel Mpower en San Pedro el Alto Oaxaca - DAKXIM - MexicoOk, this is the first example of what I mean when I said you need to play around with the information present on your website. This is the most valuable advice you can find in this post about How to increase SEO visits on your online store?

We ship our products to all states of Mexico, and I previously stated that using a banner within this site.

However one day I got an idea… take advantage of that to improve our SEO on site.

Therefore I began creating hundreds of projects, pretending that there are specific product categories for sale on each state.

So I took a list of States, Cities, Product Categories and Product Brands and matched them within new Projects (which are custom posts) as you can see in the following image:

So, what do we have in here? I will break it down for you since it is on spanish:

Bombas a Diesel M Power San Pedro el Alto Oaxaca Mx
Product Category Brand Municipality State Country Code


If you enter the project Bombas a Diesel Mpower en San Pedro el Alto, Oaxaca, Mx you will notice there are plenty of inner links, as I mentioned before… you need to treat your site as if it was Wikipedia, so take a look on the following chart that is showing you some of the inner links in there:

Bombas a Diesel M Power San Pedro el Alto Oaxaca Mx
Link 1 Link 1 Link 1 Link 1
Project´s Category Project´s Tag With the Brand Project´s Tag with this Municipality Projects with this Category
Link 2 Link 2 Link 2
Product´s Category Product´s Tagged with this Brand Projects that have same Product Categories within this State


And if this was not enough I also did the following:

  1. I included the link of a product that belongs to the same category within the project.
  2. Took a screenshot of the project, named it with the main Keyword (Bombas a Diesel Mpower en San Pedro el Alto, Oaxaca, Mx) and made it the featured image of each project.


Example #2 – Link your posts to products and categories

The following post has been submited as a strategy to improve our SEO On Site. As you can see in that post there are inner links pointing to the category «Bombas Sumergibles» and some products we have on sale within our store.

This is the last paragraph included within the post:

Algunas Bombas Sumergibles de venta en DAKXIM:

  1. Bomba Sumergible Agua Limpia/sucia 1 Hp-pro Ferre Fast a $1599 MXN.
  2. Bomba Sumergible Korei Hyundai Hywp1000 De 1 Hp a $3519 MXN.
  3. Bomba Sumergible Para Aguas Limpias Trifacica 1 1/2 Hp a $3846 MXN.
  4. Bomba Sumergible Tipo Bala De 3/4 Hp Acero Inox Mca Shimge a $3025 MXN.

As you can notice it is linking to 4 products and also to their Category.

And as I did with the projects mentioned previously, I created a post´s category about submersible pumps (Bombas Sumergibles), this is a good example of what I meant when I said that you need to play around with the information present within your site, be really creative.




When it comes to On Site SEO you really need to get creative and play around with the information present within your store, always try to link all of your inner sections when it is suitable. Think of your store (and site) as if it was Wikipedia.

If you ship sales to many states then play around with that information and create inner links with it, create categories, tags, custom categories and custom tags for that matter, also create additional pages within your store trying to make sure info is clear and nice.

Use your blog as a tool to create inner backlinks to your store categories and products, try to discuss about your products and be really creative. You could also discuss about shipping rates within your posts, about the qualities of your products or else.

I hope my post can guide you on «How to increase SEO visits on your online store?»

Do you want to hire my services to improve your On Site SEO strategy for your store? Feel free to send me an email: rodrigo (at)

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